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Thoughts on NCIS - 9x02 Restless (spoilers)

Warning: the screencaps are kinda huge…

I went in expecting just a nice case-episode with not much character development or interaction, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

First of all, they didn’t ‘forget’ what Tony went through in the premiere and even though the episode wasn’t as emotionally heavy as the premiere, it still managed to show that not all is forgotten or ok. (loved the opening scene with Ziva and McGee)

Secondly, this is the Tony I want to see more often. He’s still does his job, is a joker and makes movie references but he’s not borderline juvenile or disrespectful. For example, his reaction to Ziva and McGee’s presents was ‘mature’ in a way (‘How old do you guys think I am?!’). He didn’t jump off his feet with happiness and started making his usual nasty remarks, but he was calmer, kinda didn’t like it but in the end how could he say no. What man would say no? Maybe it would make a nice team outing? (I know I wouldn’t and I’m a girl)

Thirdly, the team dynamic is back and better than ever. They were all working as if in a dance routine. They were well rehearsed/prepared, with everyone knowing their positions and complementing each other.

What is more, the case was interesting but I still felt like I’ve seen a similar story somewhere before…(maybe I watch too many movies)

And finally, the closing scene proved to me once more why I love this show and these characters. Tony admitting out loud what happened all those years ago to his boss/mentor/father was a very big step for him. And not to mention the fact that he was willing to tell McGee even though he suspected that he would never hear the end of this.

All in all, a very nice second episode, we still have a long way to go but I’m very positive about how this season will turn out!

Ps. Once again Michael Weatherly proved what a fantastic actor he is. If the show and actors don’t get nominated in the “2012 Emmy awards” then…Two episodes in and everyone is at the top of their game!

Best scene in the epie

Tony: ‘I wish my own apology went that well…There was is this…It’s just…It was nth…I had this a…”

Gibbls: ‘I know. What happened?’

Tony: ‘I wrote an apology card. That’s not good idea! Rule #6: never say you’re sorry. Let’s just say Lindsay was not the only one re-eventing her past…Apparently I didn’t strung Stinky John up by his tidy whites on the flag pole he strung me up…Which is weird…really weird…because I…I’ve been telling that story for a long time…I don’t know when I…flip-flopped it….but i guess…I dont know maybe I was trying to protect myself…make things…’

Gibbs: ‘Easier!’

Tony: ‘Easier! (realization) yea! McGee is never gonna let me hear the end of this..!’

Gibbs: ‘You don’t have to tell him…DiNozzo”

Tony: ‘I know….but i should!”

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Also Stupid question, but when did the Charger become black????

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